Multidisciplinary Artist


Pablo Machioli (b.1976) is a Uruguayan, self-taught, multidisciplinary artist living in the US. His murals, paintings, and designs can be seen throughout Baltimore (MD), in Chicago, Paris, Philadelphia, Portugal, Uruguay and the digital universe.



Exhibitions and Murals



Tic Toc World Interactive Exhibition | The Highline NYC, New York, NY

Tic Toc World Interactive Exhibition | Le Mondo Art Space, Baltimore, MD

Tic Toc World Interactive Exhibition | Function Coworking Space, Baltimore MD



Guilford Ave Bridge (mural) | Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD


Tic Toc World Coloring Book (solo exhibition) | Grey Matter Art Space, Baltimore, MD


Breathing Peace (exhibition) | Carlos Rosario School, Washington, DC


Tic Toc World Coloring Book (solo exhibition) | Terra Cafe, Baltimore, MD


LUZ (sculpture) | 158. E Linwood Ave, Baltimore, MD


Magnolia + The Painter (mural) | Highland Ave, Baltimore, MD


“Alfie La Quinta Estrella” (mural) | Highland Ave and Baltimore St., Baltimore, MD


Vivendas Blancas, Tic Toc Buceo + Candombe (murals) | Buceo, Montevideo, Uruguay




Sunrise or Sunset (mural) |  B + O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, MD


Golden fishes Hula Hoop (mural) | Belair Edison Bridge, Baltimore, MD


ROC, Reclaiming our Community (mural) |  Baltimore, MD 


Sunrise or Sunset (mural) | B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore MD


Viviendas Blancas (murals) | Buceo Neighborhood, Montevideo, Uruguay


Backdrop for Teatro Verano (mural) | Candombe Carnival, Montevideo, Uruguay


Breathing Peace (printed mural) | Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum, Washington, DC





Untitled (mural collaboration with Gaia) | Open Works, Baltimore, MD


Greed (mural) | 18th + Laflin, Pilsen, Chicago, IL


Roots: Raices (mural) | Section 1, Baltimore, MD


Sandtown Mural Project (group show) | Eubie Blake Cultural Center, Baltimore, MD 


Critical Response to Imagining Home Exhibition (performance with painting) | Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD


Caution (mural) | Malakoff Exhibition París, France


Paz No Mundo (mural) | Loures Arte Pública, Quinta do Mocho, Portugal


Untitled (mural) | 2700 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD


Roots (mural collaboration) | Langley Park, MD 


Third Eye (murals) | BROMO Howard Street, Baltimore, MD


AtlanTiza Festival 3rd Place Winner (mural) | Atlantida, Uruguay




Fuego y Corazon (mural collaboration) | Festival WANG Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo, Uruguay


Renacer / Rebirth (mural collaboration) | Orleans St + Patterson Park Ave, Baltimore, MD 


Stars Eubie Blake Sandtown Mural Project (mural) | North Ave + Whitelock St, Baltimore, MD


Tres Amigas / Three Friends (mural collaboration) | Jefferson St + N Decker St, Baltimore, MD


Black Lives Matter (mural collaboration) | 1400 Greenmount Ave, Baltimore, MD


Section 1 (live painting) | Artscape, Baltimore, MD


Shift Baltimore (mural collaboration) | Highlandtown Community Garden, Baltimore, MD


Mothers of the Future (mural) | Westwood Ave + N Mount St, Baltimore, MD


Baltimore Symphony Orchestra: One Baltimore (live painting) | Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore, MD


Open Ears (group) | In The House, Baltimore, MD


A Celebration of Spring (group) | ONE Wellness Center, Baltimore, MD


Pablo Machioli Silent Auction | Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD


Follow Her (group) | Eubie Blake Cultural Center, Baltimore, MD


Boone Street Farm (fundraiser) | The Compound, Baltimore, MD




Caracol Art Show | Bodega Gallery, Baltimore, MD


Gypsies, MOTO & Metal Art Show (group) | 515 Moto, Baltimore, MD


Word on the Street (silent auction) | Grey Matter, Baltimore, MD


Halloween Art Show (group) | Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, MD


Mushroom City Arts Festival (group) | Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD


Coffee Beans (mural) | Peace & Cup of Joe, Baltimore, MD


A Walk to Clarity (mural) | 1400 Warner Street, Baltimore, MD


Ephemeral Peripherals (group) | Bodega Gallery, Baltimore, MD

ALLOVERSTREET Art Walk (group) | The Crown, Baltimore, MD


Chicanismo y Latinismo (group) | Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD 


Human Flag of Peace (action) | Patterson Park, Baltimore, MD


Section 1 (live painting) | Artscape, Baltimore, MD


1st World Congress of Missing Things (live painting) | Lexington Market, Baltimore, MD


Breathing Peace/Respirando Paz (murals) | Fairmount Ave + Stripper St, Baltimore, MD

| Polideportivo del Liceo de Salinas, Uruguay

| Escuela Tupac Amaru, Cusco, Peru

| Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD




Mushroom City Art Festival (group) | Baltimore Free Farm, Baltimore, MD


Wall Hunters: Slumlord Project (mural) | 2058-2056 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD


Fabrications 1st Fashion Art Show (group) | Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD


Shadow Camp (group) | Artscape, Baltimore, MD


Influenced: A Street and Skateboard Art Show (group) | Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD





Teaching Experience


Greenmount West Community Center, Guest Artist, Tic Toc Interactive Coloring Book installation


MICA, Guest Artist


MICA, Guest Artist Talk


The Seed School, Guest Artist, Tic Toc Coloring book as a tool of social engagement


The Seed School, Artist Talk


The Seed School, Guest Artist Demonstration


Cecil Elementary Garden Club, Teaching Artist


Maryland Institute College of Art, Invited Speaker and Critic, Muralism


Baltimore View Finders and Mi Espacio visit to Eubie Blake, Gallery Tour and Talk, Follow Her


Boys Latin visit to Creative Alliance, Gallery Tour and Talk, Chicanismo y Latinismo


Escuela Tupac Amaru, Mural participation and talk, Public Art as an Educational Tool


Liceo Salinas, Mural participation and talk, Public Art as an Educational Tool






Best Public Art, Baltimore Magazine 2018



ROC (Reclaiming Our Community)


Madre LUZ



Tres Amigas / Three Friends



Shift Baltimore



Visions: Sandtown Mural Project



Follow Her Project -



Chicanismo y Latinismo



Breathing Peace -

Human Flag of Peace



Wall Hunters: Slumlord Project




Work Exhibited


515 Moto




Baltimore Free Farm

Bodega Gallery

Carlos Rosario School

The Compound

The Crown

Creative Alliance

Eubie Blake Cultural Center

Function Co-Working Space


Greenmount West Community Center

Grey Matter

Hive Mind

La Caja Studio

Loures Arte Publica

Maryland Art Place

Metropolitan Restaurant

Peace & Cup of Joe

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